Motivation of New Lecture

A few days ago, I discussed with my friend about wireless communication theories during going to a short trip. We went to a small lake. It takes us more than one hour to reach the lake by a car.

My friend's major is not telecommunications nor any engineering part. In spite of his background, he understood about my lecture better than my expectation. One of the reasons which makes my friend understand well is his special characteristic. He continuously asks why whenever misunderstanding points until he becomes clarified. This chracteristic allows him to learn a non-majored area better than general his area people. He asked reasons of every unknown facts. That is, whenever he heard new information during my talking about wireless theories, he instantly ask the related question. Frankly speaking, her questions were also helpful to me, resulting in clearing my understanding.

The same discussion is replayed here. Remind that the topic is wireless communication theories.


I shall extend the topics rather than limiting to communication technology as we know recently non-communication wireless signal processing areas are emerging. In particular, wireless charging technology becomes another important issue as new wireless technology.

I also ended by numeric number of 3 since wireless is also kept improving time by time. Twitter is now a popular blogging platform, which is calling as one of web 3.0 applications by some experts.

Wireless Channel Model

The basic model of communication systems includes a transmitter and a receiver where the transmitter transmits information to the receiver and the receiver receives the information from the receiver.

The most basic input signal is consists of {1,0}. When the transmitter send the positive signal, transmit information is denoted as 1 while transmit information is denoted as 0.

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