Faster than the Speed of Light

The uncertainty principle already raveled the possible of exceeding the speed of light with zero mass intermediator although it hasn't been clearly defined yet.

Determinism, relativity, probability and Chaotic

  • Determinism: Absolutism, Monotheistic

The World is Chaos: A Science History of the Twenty-First Century

The famous journalist Thomas Friedman said 'The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century'. However, I want to say totally differently as 'The World is Chaos: A Science History of the Twenty-First Century'.

Do you think that the world is rotating around the Sun? It is definitely right. But do you think it ment as well that the trajectory of the Globe circulation is deterministic? Based on the Relativity theory of Einstein and the uncertainity principle of Heinsenberg, we can first say that the trajectory of the globe is not uniform. There is some marginal erronous movement in the tracjectory of the globe by the noise-like interupstion from other planets near the Solar system. The globe can move up and down a little beside its main moving course during circulating around the Sun.

Let's discuss the movement of a pendulum linked to a traditional panel clock to understand the movement of the Globe easily. The movement of the pendulum is highly formal. We can easily predict its position arrived after some second once we know the current position by the simple mathematical calculation. If we estimate the position with a high resolution device, the estimated position of the pendulum is revealed to have some meaningless noise. But, its main movement trajectory would be changed only a little.

Ignoring the noise-like effect in the trajectory of the Globe movement, the shape of the trajectory of the Globe is definitely Ellipse if we see the relation between the Sun and the Globe. Is it really right to assume that the trajectory of the Globe in Cosmos containing more than three planets is deterministically an Ellipse type.

How about considering two medal linked pendulum. Is the movement of the two medal linked pendulm medal deterministic? The famous mathematician Jules-Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) first investigated the trajectory of the two medal linked pendulum. If the answer is no, can we say the trajectory of the Globe (the World) still deterministically an Ellipse type?

The movement of the Globe makes us to understand the importance of Chaos theory. It is welcome for any body to add any opinion about the new idea - 'The World is Chaos'?

Any body, any opinion about Chaos theory?


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