While The 10,000-Hour Rule is famous since this rule emphasizes the importance of the practice time, The inverse 10,000-Hour Rule points out the difficulty to catch up someone in his strong area. The inverse 10,000-Hour Rule is true because if someone already spend 10,000-Hour in his strong area based The 10,000-Hour Rule, how you spend 10,000-Hour from now and on, which takes almost 10 year if you spend amazingly 3-Hour in a day for the specific area. Hence, we say that it is better idea to find the other area than concentrating on other's already strong areas.

Future Papers, Patents and Softwares based on The inverse 10,000-Hour Rule

Wording is the only tool for technical papers, patents and softwares with a slight portion of drawing to support wording in those three outcomes. If you want to be good at now to those three areas, you should not just follow their current styles. Instead, you consider, for example, on-line multi-media based on Papers, Patents and Softwares. Why don't you consider multimedia papers, for example, YouTube conference and Powerpoint only conference. You may say that texting is the mandatory for describing exact technology but I say why we need exact technology description only. Is it really beneficial for the future and development. It can be one of our prejudices. YouTube and Powerpoint can be replace the texting papers, patents and softwares very soon.

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