After I read an article about rough draft at the beginning stage of writing, I changed my writing style. Before I read that article, I was very afraid to write something whenever I were requested to write. I hesitated to write my idea because my idea in my mind is not completed yet in the sense of grammar, logic, spelling and sometime shape of my handwriting. Now, I can write at any time for any topic because I realize my first writing can be revised later on, which is not possible for my live talking. For the first time, I'll write what I have items in my mind regardless how much related to the given topic.

Knol Article for Essay Writing

I added the following sentences in the part of 'rough draft' in the knol article of How to write an effective essay for giving more information to readers about how to write a rough draft. In the current version, how the rough draft can is improved to be the final version is described but the definition and usage of rough draft are not yet clearly mentioned. If you agree and happy with my revision, you may accept my revision directly or accept after some modification.

  • "The rough draft must be rough preparing without too much worrying about grammar, spelling and organization. This is time for you to let give more freedom to yourself to pump out all your associate ideas. Without the rough draft step, it is hard to start up on writing your article at the beginning stage."
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