I'm now in Jeju island. Jeju has been continouously upgrading. Now, More and more good places to visit are being built.

Jeju is changing

I thought that Jeju is still underdeveloped although the tour business becomes a popular business as an example of service businesses. Contrary to my thought, many places in Jeju are upgrading and newly developed for high-level tour service.

Visited Places

We visited a number of places which provide shows or exhibitions. Here are some of my visited places.

First, I saw one performance, which is an spectacular horse show with an historical story of Jinghiz Khan. The show is much big than my expectation based on previous time visiting. MBC and one CC club co-open this new performance theater. The drama is a story about Jinghiz Khan such as how he can become Khan before he started to conquers the world.

Second, I visited Korean traditional museum, which displays not long time history but very recent history for 60s and 70s. This is the biggest places among similar 60-70s museums.


This summer is not very hot in this Jeju, differently from my previous visits. As the whether is good, this trip is more fun to me. However, similar to the last times, foods in Jeju are not well matched to me in terms of taste, feeling and health.

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