Generally, oriental people use direct dialog for knowledge exchange. By the dialog based knowledge exchange, our brain can remember more information and update old memory. However, it is one the great disadvantages that the direct dialog method can not store the exchanged information for the future use. The following is the evolution history of the dialog method:

  • Step 1: Talking to one of close friends
  • Step 2: Dialog with a not familiar friend or an expert
  • Step 3: Speech in front of many people and watch their response, hear their comments, and discuss with audiences in depth.

However, western people have realized how to use writing earlier than other people. Writing enable us to improve our knowledge and can improve knowledge productivity significantly because writing approach allows for people to store information inherently and restore for the further use or other's general use. The following is levels of the writing skill:

  • Write knowledge for himself or to send his knowledge to others for information exchange
  • The ability to revise and rearrange his knowledge for his later use and for later presentation.
  • Revision based co-writing: main authors will write draft version of the documents and other authors will improve the draft document either directly or indirectly, where indirect contribution can be done by off-line discussion.
  • Wiki-based co-writing: a group of members will write one documentation simultaneously as wiki-type based on peering philosophy
  • Open writing: open his document so that others can see it and contribute by evaluation of the value, receiving comments and participation for co-authoring.

As we know from simple and small software company, application of each one's writing output is also important. If we stay on old style knowledge improvement habit, we will lose our chance to enhance our knowledge level. Two other issues are remained for effective knowledge improvement:

  • Use multimedia for on/off-line knowledge exchanging and repository
  • Continuously search the way to utilized our developed knowledge -- Harmonize how to improve our knowledge and how to use our knowledge. Knowledge without action can be useless knowledge.

This is initial discussion about the effective way to improve our knowledge. Is there any body who can guide us how to improve our knowledge effectively?

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