I'll build the multi-antenna theorem (MAT) and the multi-antenna reference (MAR) pages. Even if I make a new rule for citation, I'll not change the previous every wiki-pages because the conventional citation method is still wrong except that it is not universal in my whole pages in Wikia.

Multi-Antenna Theorem (MAT)

I'll build the multi-antenna theorem (MAT) page which collects theorems related to multiple antenna technology. For other technology which is useful for multiple antenna description, I will build non multi-antenna theorem (NMAT) page. The index of each MAT can be identified as, for example, MAT-J06NOVT1 (author first initial, year, month, theorem number) which represents theorem 1 in the MAR-J06NOV paper where MAR-J06NOV is the index of the multi-antenna references (MARs).

Multi-Antenna Reference (MAR)

We also build the multi-antenna reference (MAR) page, which is similar to the recent page of wireless story except that the MAR page will be prepared for pure-referencing from other wiki-pages mainly in this human communications WIkia for convenient. Without this page as I have done up to now, every wiki page must have an independent reference section for citation. After building this MAR page, an independent page is of no use because different wiki pages can use the predefined MAR index.

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