여기에 영어로만 포스팅했었는데 앞으로는 한글로도 포스팅해야겠다. 때로는 한글과 영어를 섞어쓸 수도 있을 것 같다.

I always write in English here but I think it is also good idea to write documents in English as well. This is a page for me to share a good news with friends. Whenever, I write in Engish I want to quit and to do something else. I think as I'm not native speaker or writer in English I feel uncompatable when I write in English.

To me, recently two keywords of cooperation and complex change my life a lot. Now I am studying computational science which is related to basic science such as physics, chemical and biology. Up to now, computational technology has impacted only on engineering areas. However, it will offers its helps to science research. In science research, there are two different issues compared to the engineering area: high through data and high complex computation. While for engineering almost all principles are built on known theories, there are a lot of unknown factors in science areas. Therefore, even if we consider to use computational capability for both engineering and science there are fundamentally big difference between two approaches.

Bio-inspired engineering is an another area for me to being interested in. Up to now, our engineering researches have been conducted based on constructed principles but not based directly on various non-understandable phenomena of the nature. Because of the Platonic thinking process, direct natural phenomena includes a lot of noise. Hence, by the superficial scientists or theorists must clean up fogy noise from the raw phenomena in the neture.

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