Jamessungjin.kim Jamessungjin.kim 30 March 2012

Molecular communications

Up to now, I focused on wireless channel modeling. In fact, I studied magnetic channels when I first entered in the company. Now, I changed my research area from wirless communication engineering to new science field research. Therefore, I have a mind that I need to update my interesting research field to be chaged to new area.

One of my recent research field is the channel modeling of a solar cell active layer. It is very similar between an wireless communicaiton channel and an active layer channel. One of researchers showed that he is now moving to new research area in communications, which includes ionic channels.

Like in wireless communicaiton channels, the efficiency can be measured from creation to dissociation. In this new research ar…

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Jamessungjin.kim Jamessungjin.kim 6 February 2012

From linear to advanced modeling

For beamfomring, we have considered only linear formulation.

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Jamessungjin.kim Jamessungjin.kim 21 August 2011

Change to write simple documents

Up to now, I thought that I need to write technically difficult document. It is right to communicate with technically advanced people in specific areas. However, in order to communicate easily with common people I realize that easy writing is more effective even for technical document. They can not realize technically difficult document if his major or interest are little different from mine.

가독력을 높이기 위해 가끔씩 한글을 섞어쓴다

I can not append pictures or photos founded from Internet to this Wikia page. Sometimes it is more effective to add a picture which is related to my text.

I can make one trick in order to improve readability of my English blog and easy writing it. I can add Korean text in between English text.

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Jamessungjin.kim Jamessungjin.kim 28 July 2011

From simple math using latex format

In order to practice handling math equations in latex documents, it is a good idea to start with simple equations. We can describe addition of two varaibles as follows:

where we use two different types of formation for each operation. The multiplication and division operation must be calculated earlier than addition and subtraction. Hence, multiplication and division formulations are usually written simplified forms.

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Jamessungjin.kim Jamessungjin.kim 17 July 2011

Lab-cademy (Laboratory + Academy)

I want to build a labcademy, which is different from conventinoal research Lab since it pursuits educational service as well as internal research. The objective of this new instrument is provide high quality education service and research consulting. More and more people want to participate an education course regardless one's age~

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