Single-Input and Single-Output (SISO) is a part of MIMO systems with one transmit antenna and one receive antenna, while MIMO can have more than one transmit antennas and more than one receive antennas.

System Model Edit

In wireless cellular networks, the received signal in SISO is given by

$ y_k = P_k h_k x_k + n_k $

where $ P_k $ is the transmit power, $ h_k $ is the scalar fading wireless channel, $ x_k $ is the scalar transmit signal, and $ n_k $ is the scalar noise signal.

Ergodic Capacity Edit

The ergodic capacity of the SISO system is given by

$ C = \log_2(1 + P_k |h_k|^2) $

which is achievable throughput without knowing full instantaneous channel state information.

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