Recently, the speed of hardware development is approaching as high as the speed of software development. Hence, I propose to apply the concept of software on-line business to the hardware device business by optimizing the hardware device for lease. Hence, we call hardware devices optimized for lease business as the soft-hardware devices. After appealing soft-hardware devices, we expect the self evolution devices will be realized.

Introduction Edit

There are many electronic hardware devices to buy in now 21c, similar that there were many software applications to install in a PC. In 20c, there is mostly one intelligent device in home. The number of computing hardware devices goes to increase as much as the number of popular software applications. In particular, most contemporary people use desktop and note PCs, electronic dictionaries, portable multimedia players, electronic car navigators, and MP3 music players as well as cell-phones. Furthermore, we change cell-phones almost every less than a year, resulting in that there are a number of used cell-phones in home.

Innovation time for hardware productEdit

One of the reasons why we need to change our devices so frequently is came from the speed of the technology evolution. Now, device technology is changing so frequently. For example, I changed my home TV in the last year from a long time used CRT color TV to a digital PDP TV. After I changed my TV to PDP, new technology TVs such as LCD and LED are coming. Soon, AMOLED devices will be popular as it is used for a small screen for mobile devices. The following is expected technologies used for TVs:

  • Black and white CRT --> Color CRT --> DLP --> PDP --> LCD --> LED --> AMOLED --> e-Ink, natural light,flexible display

Circulation of Innovation Edit

Innovation stage is usually circulating as follows:

  • Concept innovation --> Product innovation --> Technology innovation --> Services innovation --> Business innovation (Innovation of Everything) --> go back to concept innovation

Business Innovation for soft-hardware devices Edit

To catch-up this fast device changing trend, the business type should also be in innovating. The business type is expected to be changed as follows:

  • 2000: Selling the products for age of possession
  • 2010: Lease business with the similar products used for selling
  • 2020: Lease business for age of access with the new products optimized for lease, such as soft-hardware
  • >2030: Self-evolving devices will be realized similar to our body

Three Properties for Soft-hardware Devices Edit

We find the following three properties for soft-hardware devices:

  1. Easy to reuse so as to reduce the fee of lease and change, since the company will provide a new product to uses for example annually in the lease business.
  2. Easy to waste to reduce the cost for trashing.
  3. Energy efficient because by lease business people will lease more devices than the period of selling business because it is much more cheap and the total energy consumption for leased devices will be increase.