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Analog & Digital Communications (Official Thread)Edit

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'Turbo code' in Wikipedia can be a reference materials for several purposes including giving a seminar. In wikipedia, related research items can be also found such as viterbi algorithm.

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@SHAHLA & @Yasir

What is carrier here? In telecommunications, we usually use carrier which is a higher frequency component than input signal and multiplied with input signal. Here, the input signal can be either AM and FM where a AM input signal forms A(t)*exp(j*theta) with fixed theta and varied A(t) and a FM input signal forms A*exp(j*theta(t)) with fixed A and varied theta(t). Hence, the carrier and the modulated signal can be regarded as independent. The carrier is just signal to boost the central frequency of the transmit signal which can go further with smaller energy use relative to low frequency signal. Any opinion?

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Frankly speaking, I can not understand what you want to talk about. Despite it, I now answer based on my imagination along with your unclear talk. Thus, if my answer is not in line with your intention, please let me know it so as to revise my answer.

You may want to know the company which give you a opportunity to improve your research ability. To do it, you may enter the research center such as X's research center (X can be the name of a company which has a research center) not a development department. However, you should remind the following important fact. First, although a company research center focuses on research issues the way of research in companies is far different from that in universities. Usually the research center considers practical research issues rather than too theoretical issues since companies are firstly interested in benefit.