This page shows the titles of my blog articles. I write my personal articles in this blog section rather than in main sections. I write a blog article especially when my poped-up idea is not concrete yet or consists of many issues at the sametime. If the idea is mixed by many topics, the descrption can not be well read and understood later. Sometimes, this blog section shall be used to discuss my initial tecnical thinking before I am able to provide technical evidences or in detail description.

Generally, blogs are also useful builtine board to described one's idea.

I'm wonder whether this wikia platform supports mobile web service or not. Or, I'm wonder it provides an App to be used in mobile phone more conveniently than forming only the desktop web page style. In fact, without supporting an app, it is really hard to use in a mobile phone. For example, we can look a web page in a mobile phone but it is hard to work interactively with the desktop oriented web page in a mobile phone.

Hence, I think the wordpress is a good blogging system. The one example is that it already provides a mobile web versions. In addtion, currently new system springpad starts to service using a good approach to be useful for both a PC and a mobile phone.

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